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An open letter to the UN Sectary General & President of the General Assembly from WHF Multi-National Children

World Harmony Foundation (WHF) .
Report by: Black Tie China/ GMK

An open letter to the UN Sectary General & President of the General Assembly from WHF Multi-National Children

Petitioning the Flying of The UN National Members flags at half mast
on May 12, the 109th anniversary of the establishment of
the International Nurses’ Day by the United Nations
to honor the global anti-epidemic heroes

Children from the World Harmony Foundation Youth Committee of the United States, Canada, China and other countries actively participated in this
international anti-epidemic.

Under the initiative of Harmony Liu (Liu Xinge Long Island Jericho Middle School 9th​​grade) and Mia Xu Xu Ziya (Long Island Big Neck North Middle School 10th grade), they connected with Elvis Han and Wishing Well Montossoni Primary School, Canada. Years old), Zhou Jingqi (Class 11, High School No. 4 in Fuzhou Fourth High School, Fujian, China), Kaizhen Luo (Class 8 in Grade 6 of the First Central Primary School, Fuzhou, Fujian, China), and Lawrence Lin (Fuzhou, Fujian, China) Yan’an Middle School, Class 14, 14), Zhou Qihan (Alice Zhou, Class 8, Grade 5 of Xihu Primary School, Fuzhou, Fujian, China), and Jia Luoyi (Lowy, Nobel Cradle Kindergarten, Changsha, Hunan, China, etc. formed the first group. Together with 36 classmates, they saved their pocket money when the epidemic situation in China, the United States and Europe was donated to the New Coronary Pneumonia Fund through the World Health Organization

Although the epidemic in North America is serious, especially New York has become the largest disaster area in the world, they are not afraid. On the 22nd Earth Day, they participated in the United Nations Earth Day network activities. They encourage each other to cheer on the Internet and mobile phones!

When learning and communicating on the Internet, they found that the global crisis was increasing day by day, and at the same time, they learned that most of the sacrifices of white martyrs and innocent compatriots in various countries were too late to say goodbye to their families, let alone leave the prayer of hospice care. They believe that it is unfair,
they must make some redress, make them rest, and pay tribute to them!

The Chinese government solemnly gave the half-flags and a memorial service for these white-martyrs on April 4 Ching Ming Festival. They saw the Italian government’s earlier half-flag and the Governor of New York recently ordered the second half-flag … They were inspired and should join hands with the United Nations. The United Nations called on 193 Member Governments to mourn and express their respect for the dead! The people are very heartbroken and admire the doctors and nurses in white clothes who died in the epidemic! They admired the respect of the Chinese government against the epidemic heroes, and China mourned on the second half of the national flag during the Ching Ming Festival and held a memorial service in Wuhan. What is particularly moving is that the Chinese government can send a special plane for the families of a white nurse and martyrs to receive them from abroad, and serve as a humanitarian role model for all countries in the world! This fully reflects China’s great power style in implementing the UN resolution on “Community of Human Destiny”!

May 12isthe 109th anniversary of the establishment of the International Nurses’ Day by the United Nations to commemorate the hero nurse and nursing promoter Miss Nightingale, and her 200th birthday. When she was in the Crimean War in Europe, she tried to get the British military to open a hospital on the battlefield to provide medical care for soldiers and save the lives of many soldiers! She was born in Italy, studying nursing in Germany, and working in a British hospital. She is a model for doctors and nurses in the world. Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany are all the European disaster-hit areas in this outbreak.

They hope that on this day, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the General Assembly will connect the heads of state through the network, hold a second-half flag ceremony, and observe three minutes of silence through the network video connection! At the same time, media from various countries and religious leaders from all walks of life are also invited to pray and mourn the death of these white heroes and compatriots in Wuhan, New York, and other countries! This is also the best way for the United Nations, governments, and religions to express their condolences, respect, and salute to these undead.

April 21 is also the United Nations Creativity Day. On this day, one of the anti-epidemic children, Eirene Liu (grade 3 of Long Island Cantiague Elementary School), on the 9th birthday, they talked about the sacrifice of the uncle and aunt in who we call as white angel . They were inspired by several high school students in China: “Why can’t we write to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the General Assembly? 6-year-old Elvis Han of Canada immediately said,” Yes, you write letters, I can “Drawing paintings for Earth Day”, 6-year-old Jaluo Lowy, a six-year-old from Nobel Cradle Kindergarten in Changsha, said: I can go to the United Nations General Assembly to give a speech to the 193 Presidents “The future we expect” Received a congratulation and greeting call from their mentor and the 101-year-old Congressman of the United States Congress to Liu Xinge, reminding them that Wolff initiated a proposal to protect the natural harbor of Long Island, and received the White House President, Senate and House of Representatives. The statutory signature was passed, and the port was named
“Lester Wolff” Natural Wildlife Reserve.

Therefore, on the evening of April 21, Liu Xinyuan, who was born for Earth Day, and two sisters Liu Xinge and Xu Ziya jointly drafted the proposal from UN Day Earth Day to the second half of the UN International Nurses ’Day to the UN Secretary General Guterres and The President of the General Assembly wrote a proposal. On the 22nd Earth Day, he sent an email entrusting the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Liu Zhenmin to the Secretary-General Guterres, the President of the General Assembly Bender, and also sent to the Italian ambassador to the United Nations and the Chinese It was sent by the ambassador of the United Nations delegation and the ambassador of the Chinese Consulate General in New York and sent to the media of various countries as an open letter today. (see attached)

After the epidemic in China to the global epidemic, the children deeply felt the importance of harmony between man and nature! Before the outbreak, several national forest fires, swine fever, avian influenza, locusts, etc. . . It has been proved that if human beings do not cut down forests, destroy the environment, consume excessive energy, or eat wild animals. . . . . . So, humans will not be heated and the epidemic situation of mutant viruses will spread! The children saw from the online news: Mother Earth is crying because the Antarctic and Arctic are melting due to the increase in temperature, and the white snowy mountains become red bloodshed! Nearly thirty kinds of viruses that humans have not seen have been discovered in the North and South Pole! ! ! If these viruses continue to attack humans, what should we do? We, the new generation, have suffered more “human germ warfare.”