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Lester Wolff

The World Harmony Foundation sadly reports the death of its honorary Chairman, the Honorable Lester Wolff, at age 102 on May 11, at 1:30 pm, EDT 2021 in Long Island, New York. The cause was cardiac arrest. The Funeral Service was held on May 16, 2021.

A senior member of the House of representatives, he had also been a US Ambassador to the UN. While in Congress he was instrumental in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and drafted the Taiwan Relations act which still governs ties between Washington and Taipei. He maintained his interest in the region, and to the end was working for a peaceful rapprochement between the PRC, USA and Taiwan. In 2014, Congressman Wolff accepted the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014 on behalf of the Civil Air Patrol, with which he flew during World War II. Apart from his diplomatic work, he had a deep interest in the environment. On his 100th birthday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared “Wolff is a gift to the American people.” In the attached video he exhorts the World Harmony Foundation to protect the natural the former Oyster Bay refuge that now named after him, The Hon. Lester Wolf National Wildlife Refuge.

The World Harmony Foundation is deeply saddened by the loss of this great humanitarian but will continue the work of its Honorary Chairman in developing Wildlife Refuge for people concerned about global warming, maintaining the global environment, and the public health.

中美建交功臣、世界和谐基金会荣誉主席、卓越的世界和谐大使、促进二岸三地和平的英雄、美国资深国会议员、美国国会最高英雄奖获得者沃尔夫 (Lester Wolff) 于纽约时间2021年5月12日13:30分,因心脏衰竭辞世,享年103岁!葬礼于5月16日举行。

沃尔夫的遗志之一就是持续促进中美台二岸三地的和谐与和平发展、维护地球可持续发展。在他视频的留言上,可以看到:他在生命的最后一刻还在地球日、鼓励世界和谐基金会为保护天然生态公园而努力!美国以他名字命名的沃夫国家天然森林公园,是为了纪念他对地球生态的贡献,以教育后人意识到保护地球生态的重要性!美国国会议长Nancy Pelosi在他100岁生日时说: 沃夫是馈赠给美国人民的贵礼;美国国会议长前助理、也是沃夫前助理兼世界和平奖委员会主席、世界和谐基金会高级顾问Suzi博士,当晚给拜登总统写邮件通告了沃夫辞世的悲痛消息,并请总统为这个国会最老议员下降半旗致哀!

世界和谐基金会为失去这个伟大的和谐荣誉主席感到悲痛万分, 世界和谐基金会将执行荣誉主席Lester Wolff 的遗志,联盟美国国会、美国白宫、美国内政部、联盟联合国把 Lester Wolff的生态公园做成教育全球人关注全球温化、维护地球环境、维护公共卫生的各国可持续发展的教育连锁基地。