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The World Harmony Foundation

Harmony and Peace for all people of the world

We have created the World Harmony Bell for Peace to send a message each time the Bell is rung of hope for every generation in all parts of the world. For all people to believe in God and Peace through compassion and understanding of others based on the first words of the Preamble of the United Nations Charter: We the People ~

We invite all Heads of State, Parliamentarians, Local and Community Leaders, Mayors, Religious Leaders, Teachers, Artists, Students, Families, Youth and Children to join us in ringing our World Harmony Bell for Peace and Praying for Harmony and Peace for All People.

Harmony Bell & Harmony Song

WHF in Action

The World Harmony Foundation is a member of the UN Environment Programme’s NGO Major Group since 2005, formed by ambitious figures of different ethnicities and from different UN regions who love peace and environmental protection, including former UN staff, investors, educators, scientists, retired military, and student leaders.

Inspired by great thinkers from the oriental and occidental, World Harmony Foundation is established as a non-profit organization. It aims to convey harmony and peace around the world and towards educational organizations, civic bodies and future leaders, which conforms to the mission and charter of UN.

The mission of World Harmony Foundation is to promote harmony between human beings and mother nature, between human beings, between human beings and society, between nations, between religions, between families, and harmony and care of human bodies. “Communal brightness out of seeking minor common grounds and reserving major differences” is its motto.

The foundation made the Bell of Harmony at the celebration event of the 60th anniversary of United Nations with a view to publicizing the UN Charter and advancing environmental preservation and peace. The bell, chosen as the first symbol of the opening ceremony by then Secretary-General Kofi Annan, was struck firstly by him, then by president of Great Assembly, and finally by president of Security Council. This moment was a very significant moment at UN and signified a new era and the start of the ceremony. These three strikes at this special moment also conveyed the sound of harmony and peace towards global leaders and citizens.

The idea of the Bell of Harmony came from Liu Fan, the founder of the foundation. Manufactured by the best bell manufacturers in China, invested and designed by The World Harmony Foundation, and chosen by the General-Secretary of UN, the bell is a premier symbolic gift for the opening ceremony of 60th anniversary of UN.

The bell set the scene for the harmony operations and projects of UN. The raw materials of the bell are collected from the scrap metals donated by the elementary students, which carries the symbol of sustainable development of a recycling environment. The outside layer is made of bullet shells donated by the retired generals from both US and China in a symbol of human’s efforts in abandoning the weapons and pursuing peace. The words of “harmony between human beings and mother nature, between human beings, between human beings and society, between nations, between religions, between families, and harmony and care of human bodies” are scripted on the bell and the word “harmony” is engraved in six UN official languages in an alphabetical order on the bell as well. The top of the bell is made by two dragon heads that face to all continents. Shaped in a western style, the bell signifies the harmony of the west and the east. The doves and clouds on the top represent peace and atmosphere; flowers and grass on the middle represent the earth and life; the waves on the bottom represent the sea. The striking point is shaped as the globe in an emblem of the implications that “we all live harmoniously together in the village of earth while seeking minor common grounds and reserving major differences.”

Diameter of the bell is as long as 60 centimeters, which marks the 60th anniversary of UN. The length from the top to the bottom amounts to 2005 centimeters symbolizing the fact that the bell is made in the year of 2005. The mallet, made of wood, embodies what UN stresses as “the updates of the era”: warning people against cutting down trees and desertification and encouraging the preservation of ecology.

The very first world harmony project initiated by the foundation is the global environmental protection and peaceful recycling project. It aims to call upon global leaders, councilors, mayors, NGO leaders and students to play a proactive role in preserving environment and facilitating sustainable development. It also attempts to educate people and youth around the world on environmental protections and morals and compose a pertinent textbook that could be used in school’s curriculum. This project has a paradigm-shifting implication in face of the deteriorating situations caused by wars, terrorist activities and worsening environment.

The project appeals the global youths to collect the scrap metals in special containers that are designed and provided by the World Harmony Foundation. The names of the schools and organizations that have participated in the project will be engraved on the containers that will be sent to an address designated by the foundation. All the scrap metals will be used to make a new set of Bells of Harmony, all of which will adopt the same design as the one that was struck in the 60th anniversary celebration of UN and embody the public aspiration of world peace.

All these bells will be struck by the leaders of each nation. The scrap metals collected by the students and the abandoned weapons donated by generals will be gathered in a crater and sent to China for further manufacturing. After being shaped, the bells will be donated to the landmark buildings in different cities, which could bring about students’ and citizens’ awareness of environmental protection and vision and understanding for peace.

This project commenced on the mark of the striking by Kofi Annan on October 24th, 2005 and was put on record in the US congress on June 16th, 2006. On the same day, the foundation was presented a commemoration award by congressmen at Capital Hill.

WHF-Youth Leadership Committee

The WHF’s Young Leadership Committee (WHF-YLC) is a group of young professionals who are committed to supporting the WHF and the children we serve.

The WHF-YLC’s goals include:

Fundraising: Raising funds from individual and corporate donors.

Special Events: Planning and coordinating special WHF events.

Program Development: Supporting existing WHF programs and aiding in the development of new programs with WHF staff. Developing internship and summer opportunities for students.

Jeffrey Brez
Chief, Civil Society, Advocacy and Special Events, Department of Global Communications, UN

On behalf of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, we would like to thank you for your support to the United Nations in our global efforts to combat the novel Coronavirus.

Eduardo Lopez Moreno
Head, City Monitoring Branch, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN

I am pleased to inform you that UN-Habitat is interested in collaborating with the World Harmony Foundation on Harmony City Project, including providing technical expertise in formulating guidelines…

Guido Bertucci
Director, Division for Public Administration and Development Management, Department of Economic and Social Affaires, UN

I am fully aware how passionate you are about the issue of governance and public administration and would welcome your wisdom in assisting the United Nations to advocate and promote innovations and good practices in governance and public administration.